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My approach

My approach is based on creativity in its broadest sense - the creativity we all have in our unique way of expression and being.

My approach

In sessions, I facilitate a process to allow you to connect deeply with yourself. This may be through just talking, listening and reflecting.

If it is helpful, it can also involve exploring sensations in your body, or using metaphors or art materials to illustrate a feeling, or perhaps bringing in a dream that you are curious about, to open up to the other sources of wisdom and communication within yourself. Working creatively can provide opportunities to deepen the work and find new ways of looking at yourself which can enable you to make positive changes.

This approach is not about being artistic or gifted, but about expressing something in a different way and opening up to a deeper knowing.

In this process, you set the pace of the work as you are the expert at your own experience. I see my role as a facilitator to help you feel more confident in yourself. In adapting my approach to your unique way of expression, I invite you to view your concerns in a new way or from a different perspective, to generate new possibilities or new alternatives and help you connect the seemingly unconnected.

Being creative requires the courage to let go of certainties. I think the same applies to the process of psychotherapy. Therapy is a profound undertaking and can provoke some deep feelings, but it can also be enormously vitalising and creative.

Art therapy

f you find it particularly difficult to articulate feelings into words, or conversely, if your head is full of words but you get stuck in repetitive thinking, using art materials in sessions can be especially helpful.

If you have a history of trauma, using art materials or working in an experiential way, can also help to ground you in the present moment and pace the work.

If you choose to use art, I will guide you through the process and may share my thoughts or interpretations, but not use your work to make any diagnostic interpretations. Using art materials in therapy is always a choice; we will explore your issues in a way that works best for you.


I offer clinical supervision to individual therapists, counsellors and support workers of different modalities and have a supervision diploma from the London Centre of Psychodrama.

My approach to supervision is integrative and creative, enabling you to gain an existential gateway into clients’ material and the relational dynamics. Using the arts, symbol and metaphor can be a helpful tool to work with emergent unconscious dynamics and processes involved.

I hope to support your work with clients as well as your general development as a practitioner, by creating a safe environment to explore and think about their work in collaboration with you.

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